Parapet Studios is home to a suite of amazing applications that are designed to help operators and their teams to be more effective in their restaurants.

All of your ops data in one place

  • Financial
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Menu-mix
  • Automated Reporting
  • Payroll and accounting integration
  • Much, much more!

All customizable and easy to use

The loss prevention system that is changing the industry

  • Customizable loss prevention categories
  • Seamless video integration
  • Proven successful in multiple brands
  • Cultivates a loss prevention culture in your restaurants
  • Outlier reporting
  • Automated follow up
  • Executive summary reports

Keep your honest employees honest!

Task management for the digital age

  • Create digital checklists to help keep your teams on task
  • Ensure consistency across multiple locations
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Unlimited lists and users
  • Built-in photo documentation of tasks
  • Natively supports all major browsers and operating systems
  • Cleanliness, Event readiness, training, etc. Easily manage it all

Easily enhancing your team's effectiveness

An Invaluable Tool

"Insight has been an incredible tool to help us manage our business! It gives us a one stop place to see all of our daily controllables in an easy to view format. It is very customizable and keeps our team focused on our "Big Action" goals each month, whether it is Drive thru speed of service, suggestive sell contests, or coupon success in a specific trade area, Insight has been invaluable!"

- Justin Stewart, Stewart Restaurant Group

Sense To a Vast Amount of Data

"What I really like about InSight is the sense that they bring to a vast amount of data. Along with that, they have easy flexibility in designing reports and a constant attempt to add value to what they provide."

- Larry Starkey, Franchisee

Simple and Effective

"Merit's reports are often too detailed and difficult to read. InSight gives you what you need to know in a simple and effective manner. I review my store’s reports quickly each morning and easily learn how the previous day went in key areas of operations. I recommend InSight highly."

- Restaurant General Manager

Highly Recommended

"I love the InSight website! When we first switched our company over to the Merit register system we lost thousands of dollars because we did not know how to utilize the Merit register features, and we had employees taking advantage of that fact. When we finally got our company switched to InSight our numbers and sales came back in line and are doing way better! If you want to save yourself a lot of money and headache, I would highly recommend InSight!"

- Area Manager

Love The Speed

"I'm very happy, [and] I love the speed at which I can compare my stores side by side and 'rack and stack' them."

- Multi-brand Franchisee

Great Software

"I really like the software! It is helping with my payroll percent."

- Single-store Franchisee

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